Donderdag 14 oktober werd in het Lloyd Hotel te Amsterdam het Generatie 3.0 Congres georganiseerd met als thema: De toekomst van Communicatie. Experts van over de gehele wereld waren de dag ervoor samengekomen om in een rondetafelsessie met elkaar en met ons over dit thema van gedachten te wissen. Dit werd de dag erna gepresenteerd in aanwezigheid van een aantal gasten die we hebben uitgenodigd voor dit bijzondere congres.

Het congres is tevens het moment waarop de nieuwe, volledig herziene en herschreven Generatie Einstein werd gelanceerd.

Het congres was live te volgen via Ustream. Zodra we de opnames hebben maken we ze hier beschikbaar om terug te kijken.

Roundtable guests and speakers on the conference:

Samyak Chakrabarty  (India)

Having developed the first ever ‘offline social network’ of insight seekers & conversations seeders within campuses – it connects with the diverse & continuously evolving youth segment, in a candid & non-intrusive manner. The specially trained youth marketers use their deep understanding of the various different youth consumer archetypes, trends, buying triggers, mindsets etc to sustainably engage young people with brands.”

Graham Brown (UK)

“We invited Graham to Finland to give a key note speech on youth marketing. He received excellent feedback from the audience as well as provided us with brilliant insights on youth marketing.” May 27, 2010

Joseph Ciprut (Turkije)

We were born into the digital world about 2 years ago… when odes and scenarios on the ‘digital material’ started to be told, we had already started creating, broadcasting and monitoring for our brands. Youth Media is a Digitalisation Centre… a digitalisation centre that creates new channels for brands that exist on the digital sphere and treats “photocopy papers” as an advertising media… one that publishes educational books for youth and broadcasts a monthly, 100% ‘youth work’ digital magazine… a digitalisation centre that, having foreseen that WoMM would be the marketing channel of the future, created the first WoMMers of Turkey… designs and manages blogs and creates fans for brands…

Andres Colmenares (Spain en Columbia)

WABI·SABI is an inspiration LAB. We explore and study trends and their smart application in b®ands, companies and people connecting the digital world with real life, and viceversa.

Mikko Ampuja (Finland)

“Mikko’s team at 1530 get youth marketing. The constant challenge with understanding youth is turning to creative agencies who set up focus groups and gather only superficial insights. Why we chose 1530 is they have taken a more progressive route and have focused on building their youth trendsetter network on the basis of trusted relationships. You get real insights rather than superficial ones. You also get a ready-made line of influence for your marketing – what better for word of mouth than leaning on the influencers who contributed to the product development and co-creation of the marketing message itself?” May 27, 2010

Franklin Ozekhom (USA, NY)

Franklin Ozekhome is a strategic planner, trendspotter, and student of culture and brands. A leading authority + keynote speaker on brand marketing, future trends, and Nigerian Marketnomics, he was recently nominated by The Future Awards as “2010 Business Professional of the Year.” Ozekhome previously held senior roles at InsightGrey and McCann Erickson, and has spent over a decade advising leading companies and brands like British Airways, Samsung, Total Oil, PepsiCo, MTN, GSK, Audi and British American Tobacco. He is the Founder + Chief StoryTelling Officer of Identiture, a New York based, strategic planning consultancy, helping brands like Good Burger, CraVe Sandwiches and SignaPay embrace Sensory Branding + Future DeSign ideas

Maarten Kleijne

“Maarten is voor mij in de afgelopen decennia een wezenlijke leermeester geweest. Zijn kennis en toepassing van de door hem ontwikkelde kubus, in combinatie met zijn zeer intuïtieve en verhelderende wijze van marktonderzoek doen, hebben voor mij een schat van waarheden opgeleverd, zowel zakelijk als voor mijn persoonlijke ontwikkeling.” April 3, 2010

Bob KuklerInspirator and Creator, Lumosa

Jeroen Boschma

“Jeroen is a very inspiring person. His biggest gift in my opinion is his ability to find words that bridge the gap between different generations. He has a keen eye for the social consequences of new technology and how that will (or should) affect the way we teach, work and play. Go talk to him, you will have a great hour with many new insights, even if you conclude in the end that his skills and knowledge are not what you are looking for.”November 14, 2009
Frans Nauta , Professor of Public Sector Innovation , HAN University